30 JUNE 2020

Twelve (12) Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Paul Gerard’s post on the Olive Tree and Olive Oil also highlights twelve health benefits that olive oil has a strong claim on, supported by scientific research and evidence.

  1. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease
  2. Reduced Risk of Stroke
  3. Many Cognitive Benefits
  4. Helps Lower Blood Pressure
  5. Antibacterial Effects
  6. Activity Against Some Cancers
  7. Major Anti-Inflammatory Effects on Disease
  8. Protects Some Against Diabetes
  9. Can Help Foods Retain More Nutrients
  10. Helps Fight Osteoporosis
  11. Potentially Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease
  12. Liver Protective and Restorative

MORE: https://manyeats.com/health-effects-of-olive-oil