Olive Oil Selections entered the US market in 2004 with its Moleon extra virgin olive oil brands (Early Harvest, Premium and Village. They were introduced as the only Greek olive oil offered by Zingermans Deli and Mail Order shops, “the country’s leading olive oil purveyor”, according to the Atlantic Monthly Magazine. In 2008, The Fresh Market grocery carried them as its most expensive EVOO brands on the chain’s store shelves.

In 2012, we introduced a new concept branded, Corvus Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil. It featured the time-tested method of dispensing storing olive oil in a stainless steel container with a spigot (fusti) it into a bottle at the point of sale zfter the customer wzs invited to taste it before buying it. . Buyers were encouraged to bring their bottle back for a refill at a discount. In 2016, we introduced Itikos our vintage, organic Greek Red Wine Vinegar as an alternative to the dominance of balsamics.


Since 2019, Olive Oil Selections has uniquely focused on procuring eclectic Colleges and Universities with their EVOO requirements, directly from the Cooperative