The report recommends consuming 25 to 50 milliliters of extra virgin olive oil daily to enjoy its health benefits. EVOO has up to 120 times more health-promoting biophenols than canola oil. The report added that cooking with sunflower oil produces more aldehydes, a carcinogen, due to the removal of biophenols during the refining process.

Modern science is uncovering how Extra Virgin Olive Oil is associated with a reduced risk of several chronic illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetesobesity and some cancers. “The fatty acid profile of extra virgin olive oil and bioactive compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties has been linked to protective effects against coronary, neurodegenerative, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, as well as being anti-thrombotic and regulating blood pressure,” the report said.


“Published studies show that no other food comes close to Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease.”

Associate Professor Mary Flynn, Brown University.

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