We Greeks did not cause the pandemic! We just lent the letters from our alphabet that christened Covid-19’s mutations; scientists preferred it to the Chinese characters of the seeming culprits. Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, kept students away from campus dining halls for nearly three years and stymied our efforts to market our EVOO  to college and university food services. But a it looks like  the Omicron variant marks the end of this vicious  cycle, we have resumed our calls to old and prospective  customers.

We are exclusively focused on supplying independent Campus Dining Services in colleges and universities that have bet that healthful menu options matter to eclectic students; and that sustainable and traceable sourcing matters to activists and advocates among them. Guiding their students to eat healthfully is part of those schools’ unwritten curriculum.

EVOO, the fuel of the Mediterranean Diet and  enhancer of vegetarian and vegan food, is imported into the USA from various sources, not all clearly identifiable. We have a concept that answers the tricky sourcing questions: We propose to link the college or university with our EU funded and ISO 22000 and 9001 certified Greek Cooperatives in the Peloponnese and Crete . It  guarantees a predictable, sustainable, traceable and transparent source of top quality EVOO shipped straight from the onsite Mill to the designated campus or distributor warehouse at lower than market rates. The Co-ops could  also serve as classrooms or labs in a broader partnership with related school Faculties.