NEWS 1 MAY, 2018

The new harvest of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils and our red wine Vinegar were delivered to our Beaufort, S.C. storage unit on April 30th; a birthday gift for George! The oils were harvested and pressed in late January 2018 and canned on the Co-op premises inĀ  mid-February. Their land-and-sea voyage from their groves to Beaufort lasted three months.


The 2017-18 Greek Harvest is considered to be have produced the best and most EVOO in recent memory. It was aided by perfect weather conditions and the absence of the fruit fly. The Laconia Co-op remains the principal source of the Corvus EVOO product mix. Made for sophisticated palates, the batch we shipped has an acidity level of 0.18%. Our new stake in a Cretan Co-op introduces an EVOO of 0.30% acidity with a taste that provokes. Lastly, our experiment with Pelion groves brought under our control a small (150 trees), mountain side orchard overlooking the Aegean Sea, which produced a delicate EVOO of a never-seen-before acidity of 0.10%. This exclusive oil will have limited distribution among our customers.