This concept has been thoroughly test-marketed since May 2012.

It was first introduced in three Farmer’s Markets in South Carolina (Beaufort/ Port Royal, Hilton Head Island, and Bluffton). Customers were invited to taste the oil before it was poured from the fusti on the stand into a designer 375ml bottle.

The concept was quickly taken up by specialty grocery stores in selected markets in the Carolinas (Beaufort, Hilton Head, Aiken, Ashville and Waynesville).

A refill rate exceeding 60% of sales has been generated by customers who come back to refill their original bottle at a discount. The product fidelity is important to grocery stores who enjoy lateral sales from returning customers.

The Beaufort-Port Royal Farmers Market remains the testing ground for the annual harvests we bring over from Greece. Customers are able to taste at least two oils to choose from. Vintage red wine vinegar, branded Itakus, has been added to the stand.

The extra virgin oils, the Koroneiki from Laconia and Crete, plus the Amphisis varietal from the Mt. Pelion area, are shipped from Greece every year in 5 liter cans to insure freshness. The customer’s olive oil selection first sees the light of day when poured from the stainless steel fusti into a bottle.