ep7020601_croppedThe principal source of the Olive Oil Selections extra virgin oils is a model Cooperative – Estate in Laconia, south of Sparta, where we are stakeholders. These groves produce Koroneki olives, a varietal known for its naturally high polyphenol levels.

More Koroneiki EVOO, with a robust feel, now comes from our new partnership with a Cretan Co-op with orchards on altitude. A few years ago we ventured with olive oil from the Mt. Pelion slopes in central Greece, which comes from the Aphissis (Konservoelia) varietal also consumed as a table olive.

  • The olives are handpicked and cold pressed within hours of harvesting, from late December to early March.
  • The early harvest oils have a big green flavor that hints of wild herbs and freshly cut grass. These oils are pungent and fruity with a peppery finish.
  • The later harvest oils are smooth and both buttery and grassy at the same time, a combination rarely found in unblended oils.

The Cooperatives we source our oil from have integrated production that covers the fruit from the time its flower blooms until it is pressed, stored and packaged on the Estate. Their combined annual output is around 2,000 metric tons (528,700 gallons).