NEWS 30 OCT 2017

They are praying for rain in Italy and Greece. Estimates of high output have been tempered by lack of rain. Italy’s estimated olive oil output is at 250,000 tons, with Tuscany suffering the most. Greece’s drop will slightly exceed Italy’s production for the third consecutive year. Spain remains stable, still producing around 50% of the global output. But, an exceptionally good year in Tunisia on the back of long term government  policies enhancing olive cultivation and oil production, have helped  the North African nation to become the world’s 2nd largest producer of olive oil with an expected output of 350,000 tons.

Back at our orchards in the Peloponnese, quantities will be reasonable but quality exceptional due to the lack of fruit fly insurgencies. Early Harvest of the Koroneiki varietal olive at the Co-op will begin in late November. A few miles down the road, the Athenolia varietal harvest has already been completed.